This section provides downloads for freeware and shareware alike. Please feel free to download any of these 3D anim8or models. The free once are starter models which you could build on. The shareware can be ordered for with you own specifications and prices would be negotiated. 

3D Anim8or models

King Statue.an8 King Statue.an8
Size : 0.013 Kb
Type : an8
Black Guy.an8 Black Guy.an8
Size : 0.013 Kb
Type : an8
Hand.an8 Hand.an8
Size : 0.036 Kb
Type : an8
Street.an8 Street.an8
Size : 0.023 Kb
Type : an8

To view the official site for anim8or visit


ne_yo-so_sick.mid ne_yo-so_sick.mid
Size : 0.055 Kb
Type : mid

Mobile Pictures 

alessia merz.jpg alessia merz.jpg
Size : 0.004 Kb
Type : jpg
Aaron Beas.jpg Aaron Beas.jpg
Size : 0.003 Kb
Type : jpg
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